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Vitamin Air Is The Only Effective
You Need!

  • Reduces cravings for Nic from the first puff.
  • Provides a strong and lasting throat hit.
  • Each device provides 300 puffs
  • 0% Nic / Lab-Tested / Vitamins / Recyclable.

Vitamin Air is jam-packed with natural vitamins, amino acids and healing
herbs to help you quit nic for good.

4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews


“Super helpful when quitting
nic. Replaces the oral fixation
and also keeps me alert!”

Jason G.


Use Vitamin Air
In Three Easy Steps...


Place the Vitamin Air device against your lips.


Inhale your delicious strawberry or vanilla flavor.


Exhale and watch the urge to smoke slowly drift away.


Replace Nic With
Life-enhancing Vitamins.

Recharge with vitamins, amino acids and herbs
traditionally found in supplements that elevate
mental and physical endurance.

By trading in nic and harmful chemicals for extensively researched nutraceutical
ingredients, SPARQ® is imagining “the evolution of inhalation” where wellness is the
ultimate goal. Our patented device, Vitamin Air®, is sustainably designed to improve the
lives of users through positive lifestyle changes and social interactions. Teaming up with
top scientific minds, SPARQ continues to research the realm of vitamin and herbal
absorption through the lungs. We spare no expense in our commitment to producing
meaningful and transformative innovations.

4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews


Vitamin Air’s Carefully Designed Formula
Helps You Quit For Good.


Increases exercise capacity


Mood regulator

Blueberry Extract

Protects against aging


Improves mental focus

Green Tea

Increases fat burning

Grape Seed

Increases exercise capacity


Metabolism booster

Promissory commitment

Formulated With
Zero Nic

Safety Practices

We live by the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm. Our products are made without nic or harmful chemicals.

Extensive Scientific Research

We ensure all our products are formulated under the direction of a renowned inhalation toxicologist and tested by an ISO-accredited independent laboratory.

environmentally friendly

We seek to inspire a culture of environmental sensitivity through sustainable product design and ethical business practices.

4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews

Customer Reviews

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews

Satisfaction Guarantee

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews

We’ve Got You Covered

Sparq Vitamin Air has been laboratory-tested in an ISO-17025 accredited lab and certified to be free of harmful chemicals. It is only made with organic, natural substances.

Our formulations do not contain nic or any addictive substances. We only use Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Flavoring as our base, combined with the highest quality, U.S. sourced vitamins, amino acids and botanicals.

To use Sparq Vitamin Air, simply lift the device from the packaging, remove the protective silicone caps, place the wooden end of the device in your mouth and inhale. The LED will illuminate to indicate suction.

Each Sparq device will provide 300 puffs or more, depending on how it is used. The built-in LED will blink for 2 seconds when the juice is about to run out.

Our Sparq Vitamin Air is 100% recyclable. It is made of a biodegradable body of wood, stainless steel and food-grade silicone and it's powered by a lithium battery.

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4.8/5 based on 1000+ Reviews

0% Nic / 100% Flavor / Lab-Tested / Vitamins / Recyclable

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  • Vanilla
  • Fuel Device (energy-enhancing)
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