SPARQ® is a no-nonsense company. We pride ourselves on maintaining relationships founded upon trust and well-meaning motives. We develop products intended to overturn guilt and enhance lives. Inhale Vitamin Air® with confidence.


SPARQ® strives to empower individuals seeking a more holistic lifestyle. Vitamin Air® is designed to support this initiative by triggering productive behavioral shifts. We are leading a movement to connect inhalation with confidence, positivity and wellness.


SPARQ® seeks to minimize negative environmental impact through mindful business practices. This involves creating inhalation devices that comply with the principles of sustainable design. In place of harmful substances, our products integrate natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials. We encourage all Vitamin Air® users to participate in our Recycling Program, created to save you the cost and time needed to recycle on your own.


Vitamin Air® is built with slim, compact components that ensure easy storage and application. Our patented device releases a refreshing vapor that emits no lasting odors, allowing you to use it at your leisure.


The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a special number representing a pattern of logic and perfection found in both science and nature. It is the basis for the formation of everything – from the very flower and herb leaves from which vitamins are extracted, to energizing seed and root systems. Inspired by the purity and idealism of nature’s formula, we’ve centered our brand around this concept. With our products, we aim to restore the spirits of consumers through nature’s gifts and aspirational qualities.

Promissory Commitment


Safety Practices

We live by the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm. Our products are made without nicotine or harmful chemicals.


Extensive Scientific Research

We ensure all our products are formulated under the direction of a renowned inhalation toxicologist and tested by an ISO-accredited independent laboratory.


Environmentally Responsible

We seek to inspire a culture of environmental sensitivity through sustainable product design and ethical business practices.


Giving Back

We use a percentage of your purchase to empower innovative start-ups to solve humanity's most pressing environmental challenges.