By trading in nicotine and harmful chemicals for extensively researched nutraceutical ingredients, SPARQ® is imagining “the evolution of inhalation” where wellness is the ultimate goal. Our patented device, Vitamin Air®, is sustainably designed to improve the lives of users through positive lifestyle changes and social interactions. Teaming up with top scientific minds, SPARQ continues to research the realm of vitamin and herbal absorption through the lungs. We spare no expense in our commitment to producing meaningful and transformative innovations.


Vitamin Air® was born out of the desire to offer consumers an entirely new and guilt-free genre of inhalation products. We saw a huge problem with the lack of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly options for inhalation device users. Taking the matter into our own hands, we strove to create the safest device we could using biodegradable materials, high quality ingredients, and vitamins instead of nicotine. We believe in treating our bodies and our planet with the respect they both deserve.

Promissory Commitment


Safety Practices

We live by the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm. Our products are made without nicotine or harmful chemicals.


Extensive Scientific Research

We ensure all our products are formulated under the direction of a renowned inhalation toxicologist and tested by an ISO-accredited independent laboratory.


Environmentally Responsible

We seek to inspire a culture of environmental sensitivity through sustainable product design and ethical business practices.


Giving Back

We use a percentage of your purchase to empower innovative start-ups to solve humanity's most pressing environmental challenges.